Bed bugs can be a major problem and an unpleasant one too! They are small insects (nocturnal) that feed on the blood of humans or other warm-blooded animals, making them a creature you definitely don’t want to be sharing your bed with. Unfortunately, sometimes you may find that you are doing just that. Bed bug removal is a website all about eradicating bed bugs from your bed so you can have a good sleep each and every night without having to worry about the bed bugs biting! The website is constantly updated with new tips and tactics so please come back whenever you can.

Removing Bed Bugs Is No Easy Task

To be able to remove bed bugs effectively from your sleeping area it’s important to have an overall idea of what bed bugs are, what to look out for, and what you can do to treat the problem. With that in mind, the pages of this website at the moment include:

Bed Bug Removal Tips

If you are a hotel then it is vitally important that you remove bed bugs effectively. It is your reputation on the line and the reputation can easily be damaged by these horrible insects if you are not quick to act and more importantly take preventative measures to stop bed bug infestation. There are many industrial cleaners on the market which are known to be effective.

This is what a bed bug looks like close up

When using a cleaner make sure you don’t just spray the bed mattress but also the head board, carpeting around the bed and preferably the whole room, the foot board, and anywhere else where the bed bugs may be residing.

Remember that eggs take around 10 days to hatch, so you need to make sure you repeatedly spray the cleaner that you are using over a period of at least 10 days to make sure all the bugs are killed. Bed bug removal is definitely an ongoing process.

If you’re worried bed bugs may have spread to other areas of the house then clean those at the same time, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If I Don’t Remove Bed Bugs, Can They Do Any Harm?

If despite the fact that sharing a bed with bed bugs isn’t the most pleasant thought, bed bugs removal is also important for health reasons. As already mentioned bed bugs are nocturnal, so at night they come out and feed off the warm blood of animals and people. This is harmless in itself, but they leave a small amount of saliva behind each time. If you’re continually being bitten then this could develop into an allergic reaction to the saliva. The allergic reaction can range from very mild to very serious, so it is definitely advisable to remove bed bugs as soon as possible.

Most of the time bed bug bites look like mosquito or other insect bites, so you need to look for other signs of a bed bug infestation before trying to decide whether your house has a bed bug problem. Always be on the safe side and try to remove them if you have any doubt.