Bed Bug Treatment
This page of the site is a guide of the different types of bed bug treatment that is available to help remove bed bugs from your sleeping area. First of all, you need to make sure you have bed bugs in the first place, usually, the first sign is reddish-brown patches on the mattress and of course feeling the bites.

The Pest Control Method

If you get a pest control company into our house they will usually use a steam treatment along with chemicals that kill the bugs. There are many kinds of chemicals used for this purpose – far too many to go into in this post – and some have different advantages to others.

Steam treatment is a good method to try as it will kill all types of bed bugs, but it isn’t 100% efficient which is why insecticides are also used with it to make sure as many bed bugs as possible are killed.

Heat Treatment

Bed bugs usually die when in temperatures over 45 degrees Celsius, which you can use to your advantage. It needs to be a sharp and fast increase in temperature to not allow the bugs to move to a less cold region, which could have the worse effect of spreading the infestation through the building.

Treating A Bed Bug Bite

Most people use tea tree oil for bed bug bites. This will offer an antiseptic as well as soothing any pain caused by the aftermath of the bite. Remember repeated bites can eventually cause a reaction, so the sooner you deal with the bugs the better for you, not only because of the increased sleeping time but also because of the general health benefits.

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