Bed Bug Mattress
 It was recently thoughts that bed bugs were becoming a thing of the past, something that you tell your children about. but in recent years they have become much more common again, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear although probably have something to do with a large amount of travel that now takes place in the world.

One of the methods for dealing with bed bug infestations is to use a mattress cover. These can be effective, and work by encasing the mattress in a material which prevents infestation. Some can also be shown to get rid of the infestation of bugs if the infestation has already taken place.

They aren’t always completely effective because often the bugs will not just infest the mattress but also the headboard and surrounding area. However, bed bug mattress covers can definitely help when it comes to preventing infestations and their use should not be underestimated.

If you are a hotel owner then it may be a good idea to get mattress covers for all your rooms to help bed bug control throughout your establishment. It isn’t guaranteed to work but it may cut down on the amount of removal you have to do throughout the year.

You can get premium or vinyl mattress encasements which cary in size for any type of bed as well as varying in price! If you have a bed bug problem then these covers could be the answer, although you should do research into the exact product you are buying before purchasing just to make sure you are getting something that works!